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The other day I was writing some unit tests for testing my MVC application’s forms authentication classes.  I needed to Mock the System.Web.HttpContext object.  There are a couple of ways to do this depending on the version of Visual Studio you are using (i.e. Professional, Premium/Ultimate/Enterprise) and how deep you wish to provide some default […]

The other day I was writing some unit tests on an MVC project.  I needed to mock (fake) an HttpRequest object using the System.Web assembly.  However, there was a strange issue in creating the fakes assembly and adding it to my Visual Studio solution.  Namely, it didn’t show up.

Do your MVC model properties contain attributes?  Have you ever wanted to unit test the properties to verify that the ModelState fails or succeeds based on given values?  Below is a static method that can be used for your unit tests as you test your models.

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