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Did calisthenics (body weight exercises) in the gym yesterday. My abs are ripe this morning. Ouch... #gym #exercise

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I always love to learn new things. Right now, I’m experimenting with R and statistical computing. Additionally, I’m playing around with the new lightweight development environment from Microsoft, Visual Studio Code.  So, this is a post that demonstrates setting up Visual Studio Code to run R applications.

In an earlier post, I provided step-by-step instructions in how to perform Behavior Driven Development using Visual Studio, SpecFlow, WatiN and DryRunner.  However, I’ve had a lot of students and blog readers ask me about Selenium, a more-common browser automation tool.  So, I’m writing this post to show how to accomplish BDD and automated test […]

In the previous post, we examined some of the principles behind BDD.  If you read it, I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow! That’s great! But, how do I accomplish this in Visual Studio?”  There are a myriad of posts on the Internet that demonstrate different components.  However, there’s not really a single post with all of […]

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