On one of my SharePoint installations, I was having a ton of issues with SharePoint Search.  I had created a SharePoint Search Application post-install with a different service account.  The search application starting adding an additional 10 MB to the individual log files.  I would reset the IIS application pool, but would see the search application continuing to run.

When examining the log files,  I saw a “loop” of errors like those below:

Microsoft offered a few solutions:

  1. Verify you can connect to SQL (i.e. TCP/IP is enabled in the SQL configuration manager, firewall ports are open, SQL credentials are correct)
  2. Disable TCP Chimney Offloading (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/951037) on your SharePoint and SQL machines

However, neither of these worked. Every 30 minutes, the Search Sever Application would generate another 10 MB worth of the above errors.  Finally, what I did was:

  1. Delete the Search Server Application
  2. Verify that your Search Server databases were also deleted
  3. Restart the SharePoint machine (not just the app, but the entire machine instance)
  4. Finally, recreate a Search Server Application
Presto! No more errors.