Having assisted companies, both domestic and international, from startups to Fortune 50s with consulting in software development and infrastructure along with technology training and coaching, Joshua Davis is a seasoned veteran in enterprise architecture.  Not only has Joshua worked with leading technology companies, but he has also mentored and coached US government agencies, such as the DOD, Army and Air Force, and countless government contractors.

To say that Joshua has a passion for development would be an understatement.  Joshua Davis has been writing code since the age of 5.  He began developing applications in Basic and Assembly on an IBM PC Jr. A few years later, Joshua moved to writing C and became the youngest student to attend Troy University at 12 years old when he enrolled in a Pascal class.  In 1995, Joshua began developing HTML pages on the new publicly-available ARPANET, more commonly known today as the Internet.

In the late 90s, Joshua started his first IT company offering not only web design, but technical services such as networking and hardware installation, upgrades and maintenance, as well.  During this stint, Joshua was introduced to PERL and, using it, created the second largest Christian search engine on the Internet.  He was also nationally recognized by the Southern Baptist Convention for developing a site allowing teens from all over the globe to commit to remain abstinent from sex until marriage.  Joshua's company, Jericho Systems, continued to grow until the demand of the business became too much because of his current college coursework.  In 2000, Joshua dissolved his company and sold the trade name to a group in Texas.  Joshua graduated from Carson-Newman University in 2003 with a BA in Religion, minor in Computer Science.

For the next six years, Joshua took a break from the IT industry and spent his time becoming involved with ministries such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  He also worked on the streets in many major cities such as Atlanta, GA and Knoxville, TN sharing the Gospel.  In 2005, while serving as a huddle leader at an FCA camp, Joshua met Jeannine, whom would eventually become his wife.

As he looked to getting married and starting a family, Joshua returned to his childhood passion - software development - and started DesertedRoad, his second company.  For 8 years, Joshua grew DesertedRoad's footprint leading it to become a major player of the enterprise software development space in Atlanta.  DesertedRoad developed custom solutions as well as leveraged existing frameworks - desktop and web, including public and private cloud.  The technologies included Windows Azure, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Forefront Identity Management, MVC, WPF, WCF, Microsoft ASP.NET Web Forms and Office365. In 2015, Joshua dissolved DesertedRoad to allow him to pursue independent, private consulting.

Today, Joshua and his wife live in Atlanta, GA with their four kids. In his free time, he enjoys reading and being outdoors (mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc.).  Over the years, Joshua has programmed in over 15 languages and environments; and, when he's not consulting and developing software for his clients, Joshua is working on his own "pet" projects.  Joshua is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, holding certifications in 20+ Microsoft technologies, and regularly teaches software development for private clients and many other training companies around the world.

Please contact Joshua if you need consulting and/or training assistance.

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