After 10 years of running a successful company, the time had come to close the doors to that chapter and begin a new one. DesertedRoad was a fantastic company with an incredibly talented team. I will be forever grateful to all the team who made DesertedRoad what it had become. But, in the end the growth of the company became a distraction from its original purpose – the growth of a kingdom. I was simply too busy building my own kingdom rather than God’s.

I had started DesertedRoad believing that as I built the company, it would liberate me to be involved more in the Church. However, as any business owner or manager will tell you, that this is hardly the case. DesertedRoad became much more demanding of my time – taking time away from, not only the Church, but my family as well.  Therefore, through a series of events, I’ve been fortunate enough to dissolve DesertedRoad and, in its place, form The Joshua Davis Group.

As The Joshua Davis Group, I can focus more on what I’m passionate about – development, architecture, and training – and less on things like HR. Through this new company, I am an independent consultant and trainer. And, should I need to bring in additional resources (hence, “Group”), I can bring them on a project as subcontractors.

In the end, The Joshua Davis Group also allows me to spend more time with my family and be involved more with the Church which are the real reasons why I choose to remain a consultant.