Ben Adams

Joshua and I worked on the SharePoint steering comity together at TMX and I was very impressed with his leadership abilities as well as his drive to excellence. Joshua is always pleasant to work with and has a positive outlook. I highly recommend his quality development skills!

Jason Caldwell

Joshua is a great person to work with. He understands how to collaborate with others to accomplish any task at hand. His work is top-notch because of his dedication and focus.

John Clark

We recently brought in Joshua to assist us in meeting the needs of a prospective client that went into areas we were not experts at. We wanted to provide the highest level of results and after inquiring on our groups board we were contacted by Joshua. He did an absolutely superb job and did a lot that was above and beyond. I would not hesitate to pull him into any job we need his expertise in for future work. Thank you, again, Joshua. Kudos are well earned!

Zohra Kamal

Joshua was the solution architect on a development effort to build a treasury application on the Azure platform. Joshua played a key role in designing our solution as well as mentoring junior developers on the team. Joshua demonstrated extensive knowledge on the Azure platform, the latest .NET technologies, and ALM best practices. He has good communication skills and is a team player. He was a great asset to have on the team.

Maxwell Ellerhorst

Joshua has an excellent grasp with the technology and was able to immediately make progress and make a difference. He mentored and trained as well as maintained a rigorous production schedule.