Grafana on Azure App Service (PaaS)

Grafana is an open-source platform that provides real-time insights into operations. It has been extremely useful in customer environments where they were needing a solution that could be displayed on a centralized monitor (typically in something like a Network Operations Center).

While Grafana provides a hosted service, it can also be deployed to Linux, macOS, and Windows machines. Additionally, Grafana provides two different Docker images - Alpine (preferred) and Ubuntu.

Grafana's documentation only covers VM-based or container-based deployments, and the container-based deployments still assumed you were deploying to some type of underlying managed hardware. Deploying VMs in a cloud environment and ensuring high-availability requires additional infrastructure, configuration, and maintenance.  Instead, I wanted to leverage Azure's Web Apps for Containers so that I could have a complete PaaS solution that scaled as needed.

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Angular: Adding Google Analytics (Service)

As stated in the previous post, Google Analytics is a fantastic resource when attempting to capture basic behavior from your Angular application's users. To leverage Google Analytics, you'll need to add the tracking script to your application's source. The previous post demonstrated how to add Google Analytics to your Angular application by bundling an external JavaScript file with your production build. The second approach for adding Google Analytics is to inject the required scripts as a service. The following post will focus on this second approach.

All source code for this post can be found in my demo GitHub repository. You may find it useful for easy reference. Additionally, this post assumes you understand how to use the Angular CLI.

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