Grafana on Azure App Service (PaaS)

Grafana is an open-source platform that provides real-time insights into operations. It has been extremely useful in customer environments where they were needing a solution that could be displayed on a centralized monitor (typically in something like a Network Operations Center).

While Grafana provides a hosted service, it can also be deployed to Linux, macOS, and Windows machines. Additionally, Grafana provides two different Docker images - Alpine (preferred) and Ubuntu.

Grafana's documentation only covers VM-based or container-based deployments, and the container-based deployments still assumed you were deploying to some type of underlying managed hardware. Deploying VMs in a cloud environment and ensuring high-availability requires additional infrastructure, configuration, and maintenance.  Instead, I wanted to leverage Azure's Web Apps for Containers so that I could have a complete PaaS solution that scaled as needed.

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